Accounting Firm Insurance

What is Accounting Firm Insurance

There are many factors that can potentially put your business at risk. That is why it is important ensure that your company is insured against any unfortunate circumstances. However, there are a multitude of insurance policies, each their prices and conditions. Allow us to help you find which type of coverage suits your business the best.

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General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers issues involving litigation. This includes accidents and injuries as a result of negligence. A general liability policy insure payments made because of a property damage, medical expensive, bodily harm, slander and libel, as well as lawyer and settlement costs.
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Product Liability Insurance

For businesses that that manufacture, distribute, and retail products, product liability insurance coverage. This form of coverage protects your company from financial loss due to defective products that have the potential to cause damage. The cost of coverage varies based on the type of product.
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Professional Liability Insurance

Businesses that provide services rather than products should invest in professional liability coverage. Professional liability insurance covers you in the event of malpractice, mistakes, and negligence that can potentially lead to litigation. Like with product liability, the cost of coverage depends on the type of service being offered.
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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property coverage insures your place of business in the event of property damage, loss, fire, and vandalism. The term property is not only limited to an actual location, and also includes equipment, building, stalled business, and lost revenue. Commercial property insurance is broken into All-risks policies and Peril-specific policies. Peril-specific policies cover fire, flood, crime and anything that interrupts your business. On the other hand, All-risks polices cover a plethora of events and incidents.
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Home Business Insurance

There is business insurance coverage that protects individuals from home-based business losses. This covers business related risks including property damage. Keep in mind that home business insurance differs from homeowner’s insurance with their policies covering different incidents.

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