All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance

Tackling the Off-Road the Right Way

Driving an All-Terrain Vehicle (or ATV for short) comes with a lot of thrills and excitement but also plenty of risks as well. Besides being pricy and expensive to repair, ATV accidents can cause large amounts of property damage and bodily injury. With all of the risk associated with owning an ATV, doesn’t it make sense that you’re covered in case of an emergency? All-Terrain Vehicle insurance provides with you assurance that if you something were to happen, you wouldn’t have to cover the cost all by yourself. However, with the various policies at your disposal it may be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Fortunately, our team of brokers are here to help. Sure Trust offers a team of professionals, skilled in finding insurance policies that align with the needs of the client. Ride your ATV worry-free as we’ll find you a policy that fits within your standards.
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All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance Polices Include:

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Collision Insurance

This policy covers the cost of damages when your ATV hits or is hit by an outside object.
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Property Damage Insurance

This covers you in the event that an accident involving your ATV causes damage to another individual’s property.
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Additional Medical Coverage

It is possible to obtain medical coverage for you and regular passengers of your ATV.
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Bodily Harm Insurance

This policy will cover any medical expenses that are incurred as a result of an accident involving ATV. In cases of death, bodily harm insurance will cover funeral costs as well as any impending litigation fees (lawsuits).
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Uninsured Coverage

A special insurance policy that covers your ATV in the event that someone collides with you, is at fault, and does not have an insurance policy that will cover the repairs. However, the individual must be operating a vehicle that legally mandated to have insurance.
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Complete Physical Damage Insurance

Complete physical damage insurance covers you in the event that you ATV is damaged but did not involve a collision. This can include fire, vandalism, theft, or general malfunctioning.

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