Auto Insurance

The One Thing Every Driver Needs

Auto Insurance is one of the smartest ways to protect yourself against financial loss in case of an automobile accident. Since you cannot predict the future, it is significant to plan ahead and be prepared. Many times people make the mistake of thinking that they won’t get into an automobile accident and fail to get full coverage from their insurance company. Since it is required in most states to have minimum coverage, many drivers have the smallest degree of protection. However, it is important to have more requirements, as one may never know one day from the next. Auto Insurance is essentially a contract between you and your insurance company. You agree to pay a premium and in the chance of an accident, the company will pay for your losses, according to your specific policy.
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Different types of Auto Insurance Coverage include:


Business Auto Insurance

It’s safe to say that your tow trucking company’s success depends on your efficiency of your vehicles. Business auto insurance protects you in the event that one or more of your tow trucks breaks and is in need of repairs or a replacement.

Liability Coverage

This pays for your legal responsibility to others for property damage and bodily injury. It covers the legal costs to defend you in a lawsuit.

Property Damage Coverage

If you are held responsible for causing an accident, you are legally responsible to repair the other person’s property. This covers the cost of the repairs and anything you might have hit with your vehicle (i.e. fence, pole).

Medical Coverage

This covers the cost of treating injuries, loss of income or wages and sometimes even funeral expenses.


Lastly, this protects you from losses due to risks that are not vehicle related. This coverage includes but is not limited to vandalism, car theft, fires, animal contact and natural disasters.

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