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Not many things can match the feeling of being out on the open waters with your boat or watercraft. Unlike most cars, boats are considered a luxury and should be treated with the upmost care and maintenance. However, what happens when something goes wrong? Boats and watercrafts can expensive to repair or worse, replace. That’s why the need for boat insurance is so important. A million things can happen out there on the water and you don’t get stuck footing the bill. With the right insurance policy, you’ll remain protected in case of an emergency. At Sure Trust, we believe that there’s a special policy for you out there somewhere and we stop until we find it. Our dedicated brokers work day and night to understand your needs, budget, and what you’re looking for in order to find you the best possible deal. Property insure your boat today with Sure Trust!

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Boat/Watercraft Insurance Policies Include:

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Complete Coverage

As the name states, complete coverage covers your boat or watercraft for a multiple of things including possible risks, property damage, as well as boat liability insurance. This policy will cover the cost of medical expenses as a result of accidents, repairs or replacement to your or someone else’s boat in the event of a collision, in addition to property damage. This may be the most expensive policy but it’s also the safest
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Risk Coverage

Risk coverage covers a wide range of potential scenarios that can result in the damage or theft of your watercraft. This includes collision, capsizing, fire, sinking, or damage by nature. Speak with a Sure Trust broker today to discover what other factors could also possibly be covered under risk coverage.
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Property Coverage

Property Coverage insures any property associated with your boat or watercraft. Boating materials and supplies can be expensive to replace, which is why property coverage is an important investment. This includes anchors, tools, life jackets, oars, dinghies, and more. Speak with a Sure Trust broker today to discover what other materials could also possibly be covered under property coverage.

Additional Policies Also Include:

  • Emergency Service
  • Wreck Removal
  • Reasonable Repairs

For additional questions don’t hesitate to speak with a Sure Trust Insurance Professional today!

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