Commercial Property Insurance

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial property coverage insures your place of business in the event of property damage, loss, fire, or vandalism. The term property is not only limited to an actual location, and also includes equipment, building, stalled business, and lost revenue. Commercial property insurance is broken into All-risks policies and Peril-specific policies. Peril-specific policies cover fire, flood, crime and anything that interrupts your business. On the other hand, All-risks polices cover a plethora of events and incidents. It is imperative that your place of business is protected from unfortunate circumstances.
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Our various types of commercial property insurance policies include:

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Building Coverage

Building coverage protects your restaurant, store, office, manufacturing plant, or any other type of business location from damages. Building repairs or reconstruction are covered by this form of insurance.

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Business Income Coverage

Business income coverage insures against any loss of income as a result of property damage. This is done with the goal of helping you reestablish your finances, in addition to covering your operating expenses.
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Business Property Coverage

In the event that business property is loss, broken, or stolen, business property insurance can help replace your equipment. This includes inventory, computers, tools, car/trucks, and any other property pivotal to the operation of your business.

Frequently asked questions regarding commercial property insurance

Question: What events are not covered? Answer: Natural Disasters are not commonly covered in commercial property insurance. That includes, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes Question: How much is Commercial Property Insurance? Answer: The cost of commercial property insurance is determined by various factors. This includes your building’s constructions, industry your business operates in, as well as your location. For more of an estimate on how much commercial property insurance will cost you, feel free to request a quote. Question: Does Commercial Property Insurance come with a business owner’s policy (BOP)? Answer: Yes, commercial property insurance is included in a BOP. However, BOP is are only offered to small businesses that operates within minimal risk industries.

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