Condo or Renters Insurance

Can’t Live Without It

Homeowners Insurance secures you with financial assurance in the event of a disaster. A person’s home holds their most personal and intimate belongings. Naturally, they would want to protect the things they have worked for in case of an emergency. A Condominium owner’s insurance offers coverage for the interior of the unit. This includes but is not limited to the walls, partitions in their condominium unit, trim, fixtures and flooring. The condominium association’s master policy covers the outer walls structure roof, hallways, and pool facilities. A renter’s policy assures coverage that covers their personal belongings and certain liabilities. The amount of insurance chosen is based on the value of the personal property within the apartment. Various times, coverages may include replacement cost coverage for sewer backup. They also might cover jewelry, art and collectibles.

Four types of Common Coverages for renters and condominium owners include:


Personal Property

This covers personal belongings. These can include but are not limited to furniture, clothing, electronic devices and appliances.

Personal Liability

This coverage offers protection in the event that a visitor is injured in the apartment or condo unit. This covers you against lawsuits for damage of property and bodily injury that you or members of your family may have caused.

Medical Coverage

This covers the cost of treating injuries, loss of income or wages and sometimes even funeral expenses.

Loss of Use Coverage

This covers further expenses acquired by the insured person when the residence is needed following a covered loss to the apartment or condominium unit.

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