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Are you a consultant or otherwise provide others with insight and advice as a service? If so, it’s only appropriate that you invest in some form of consulting insurance. As a consultant, your decisions can have lasting effects on your clients’ financial stability and health. In the event of an emergency, it is important that your business remain insured against litigation and legal disputes, as well as property damage and losses in income. With so many policies out there, turn the brokers at Sure Trust to assist you in finding affordable coverage with your best interest in mind.

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Consulting Insurance Includes:

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Business Liability

Consulting involves making decisions and advisor clients on matters that can have long-term effects on their financial health. The slightest mistake or negligence can potential cost someone a large sum of money. When this occurs, expect litigation to soon follow. Business liability coverage protects you from this by covering the cost of legal fees and settlement expenses. Learn more.
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Business Property

It’s important that you that place of business and other property is insured in case of emergency. In the event that your property or its equipment is damaged or stolen, business property insurance will cover the cost of replacing or repairing it. This saves you the trouble of paying out of pocket and affecting business revenue. Learn more.
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Business Income

In the event that you can no longer operate your business due to property damage and there is a loss of income, Business Income Insurance will help you recover.
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Business Owners Policy

Business Owners Policy is comprehensive package that encompasses a multitude of policies that include various types of liability and property coverages. BOP rates are typically less expensive than purchasing individual policies. Learn more.

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