Crime Insurance

What is Crime Insurance?

Whether you’d like to believe it or not, crime can occur at a moment’s notice. From burglaries and theft to fraud, there are potentially thousands of factors that can put your business and its cash at risk. Because crime-based financial losses are not commonly covered by other forms of insurance, it’s important that you protect your assets from malicious intent. Fortunately, that’s where crime insurance comes in. Crime coverage protects you from a number of number of scenarios including forgery, theft, fraud, and robbery. Don’t allow the dangers of uncertainty to put you at risk. Invest in crime insurance today!
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Various Types of Crime Insurance Policies Include:

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Burglary Coverage

Burglaries are a scenario that every business owner should be prepared for. Success and revenue and can unfortunately attract attention from those who’d like to impose harm. Protect your assets with burglary insurance which covers the cost of any cash or stolen from your business as the result of a break in.
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Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Embezzlement is one of the leading causes of revenue loss within businesses. Embezzlement occurs when an employee dishonestly steals funds or assets from their employer. In certain events of embezzlement, assets cannot always be retrieved, putting a financial strain the business. Employee dishonesty insurance any assets or cash lost as a result of embezzlement.
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Forgery Coverage

Forgery involves the malicious alteration of documents or agreements that can result in the loss of revenue or assets. Forgery can occur from inside and outside of the business and can lead financial hardship. That’s why it’s important that you’re covered in the event of forgery to ensure that there is not an interruption to your business.
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Computer Fraud

With Technology advancing at an alarming rate, cyber-related crimes are on the rise. If your business handles transaction online or digitally, then you may want to invest in computer fraud coverage. This policy protects you from fraudulent activity in regards to online transactions, unsanctioned fund transfers.

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