Disability Insurance

In Case of Emergency

As human beings we all get sick, injured, and unable to work from time to time. Disability insurance is here to ensure that if a circumstance were to befall you and affect your ability to work, that you still have a steady flow of income coming in. It’s important that you, as well as your remain protected in case of an emergency. While disability insurance can be provided by your employer, the government, or worker’s compensation, there’s no guarantee that the amount will enough to accommodate your living expenses. Your job may put you at physical risk but that doesn’t mean your finances should be too. Talk an insurance broker today about setting you up with a plan that will keep you protected.
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Various Insurance Policies Include:

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Individual Disability Insurance

Individual disability policies were created for employees are not provided with coverage by their employers or those that are self-employed. Your benefits may differ depending on your state, organization, industry, and occupation. Typically the more benefits that are provided, the higher the monthly payment will be and vice versa. Speak with an insurance broker today to determine which policy and benefits will work best for you.
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Business Overhead Expense Disability Insurance

A business overhead expense policy helps covers any overhead expenses that a business owner may incur in the event that they become disabled or unable to manage their business. Expenses covered include: utilities, rent, maintenance, accounting service fees, payroll, employee benefits, property taxes, as well as other insurance premiums.
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Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation is one of the most common forms of disability insurance. Provided by most employers, worker’s compensation pays employees on a regular basis while they are temporarily, and sometimes permanently disabled due to a work related injury. What makes worker’s compensation different from disability policies is that compensates that policyholder based on current and future financial loss and expenses as result of an injury. Also if the policyholder becomes deceased as a result, benefits can be transferred to his or her dependents. Learn more about worker’s compensation here.

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