Educational Facility Insurance

Teaching the Meaning of Security

Educational facilities act as a place of business, and as such, should be insured and protected just as well. When it comes to education facilities, there are so many factors to consider from students to employees and all of the property and equipment that goes into daily operations. Like with anything else, there are potential risk that your educational institutions must remain protected from. At Sure Trust, our brokers are here to ensure that you are equipped with everything you need in order to keep your institution up and running. Whether it’s a school, university, or community center, ensure that your educational institution is covered in case of an emergency.


Educational Facility Insurance Policy Includes:

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Liability Insurance

In the event that you find institution faced with litigation or a legal dispute due to negligence, liability insurance will cover the cost of lawyer fees, settlement expenses, and other legal incidentals.
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Property Insurance

Educational institutions require buildings and equipment in order to operate efficiently. In case your property and equipment is damaged or stolen, this policy will the cost of fixing or replacing it so that business can resume accordingly.
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Student Accident Coverage

When managing an educational institution, your main priority should be the protection of your students. In the event that a student is harmed on your property, student accident coverage will cover the cost of medical expenses.
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Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation provides employees with steady flow of income in the event that they are injured on the job and unable to work. This insurance policy also covers any medical cost incurred due to a work-related accident.
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Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance is a general term that involves several insurance policies including health, life, and property coverage. For colleges and universities, this can be applied students and employees.

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