Excess Liability

Soften Your Financial Blow

Similar to personal umbrella insurance, excess liability increases personal liability limits. It adds insurance to your insurance but with more restrictions than personal umbrella coverage. Excess Liability comes into play when something is not covered by your homeowner, boat or automobile policies. If you have been in an accident and the policy you have does into specifically exclude something, excess liability can provide you the coverage you need. Ordinarily, these exclusions include but are not limited to damages under a Worker’s Compensation policy, liability stemming from war, liability stemming from watercraft (i.e. jet skis and air boats), and liability stemming from ownership or use of aircraft, liability granted under a contract, damages arising out of business pursuits and lastly, damages expected by the insured.
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Coverage under this policy may include:

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Personal Liability

This policy has coverage for the damages you are legally responsible for. Meaning it covers any damages that might have occurred in your home by you or members of your family. For example if someone visits your home and takes a bad fall.
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Personal Injury

This policy covers different types of personal injuries. This may include the usual like emotional distress, mental grief, sickness and death. It can also include false imprisonment and arrest, wrongful conviction, slander or libel and invasion of privacy.
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Property Damage

This policy covers accidental damage to other people’s property. The damage covered is usually done by you or the members of your family/household or your household pets.

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