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Good Health isn’t Promised, It’s Insured

If there’s one that every individual needs, it’s health insurance. Health insurance covers the costs of hospital expenses, surgeries, medical prescriptions, physical therapy, and doctors. Thanks to the affordable care acts, all US citizens are entitled to healthcare but there is also the difficult task of finding the right policy for you. There are a ton of different policies out there and you’re going to need to a qualified broker in order to find one within your budget. Worried not, as Sure Trust has you covered. Our brokers are specialized in searching out policies that suit your personal interest. Contact us today!
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Various Healthcare Plans Include:

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Affordable Care Act

The affordable care act, better known as Obamacare, is an insurance policy given to all US citizens and their families. Obamacare is assessable to all citizens no matter their employment status, age, health factors. Federal law mandates if a citizen does not have any other form of medical coverage, they must be under the affordable care act.
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Employer-Based Health Insurance

This is medical coverage that you receive from your company of employment. Each pay-period a percentage is deducted from your compensation to the cover your monthly premium. The amount of money deducted from your paycheck depends on your employer and insurance plan.
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Government-Sponsored Health Insurance

Like the affordable care act, these policies are were put in place by the federal government. These include Medicare and Medicaid, which typically over elderly or lower-class US citizens. Regardless if you are using government-sponsored health insurance or not, a percentage is deducted from your paycheck every period along with your taxes.

Smaller Forms of Health Coverage Include:

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Accident Insurance

Covers any medical expenses that are incurred as a result of an accident that caused you bodily injury.
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Critical Illness

Covers the costs of doctor visits, surgeries, and hospital stays that are the result of a severe illness or disease.
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A telephone/internet-based outlet that provides you with access to board certified doctors who can provide medical insights.

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