Healthcare Practice Insurance

What is Healthcare Practice Insurance?

Healthcare practices are especially important because it is how patients are treated and taken care of in order to be in the best physical and mental health. Along with seeing and dealing with patients comes with many risk factors, as you are handling sensitive patient information. Damage of the property or loss of business records and patient files are other risks that come with running a healthcare facility. It is essential to have insurance coverage in the event of these type of emergencies.

Healthcare practice insurance is insurance that looks after a medical business in a similar way to how car insurance protects a person’s vehicle. When running a medical office or healthcare practice, insurance concerns can include medical malpractice, health insurance for your staff and you as well, long term health insurance, disability insurance, coverage for your practice and key man insurance. Healthcare practice insurance has three basic insurance coverages to ensure that your small business is safeguarded and protected in the long run.
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Business Liability

With business liability, your medical practice is secure from lawsuits. These lawsuits are not limited to injury claims and property damage that might have taken place because of something with your business. For example, if someone slips and falls at your practice or if a staff member harms a patient’s property, business liability can protect your healthcare facility from libel and slander.
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Business Property

This policy is to look after your place of business. It also protects the tools you use when administering your medical practice. These tools include but are not limited to computers, therapy tools and medical equipment.
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Business Income

Lastly, this policy helps with covering the loss of income that may have resulted from the damage of the property.

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