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Homeowners Insurance secures you with financial assurance in the event of a disaster. A person’s home holds their most personal and intimate belongings. Naturally, they would want to protect the things they have worked for in case of an emergency.
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The homeowner’s insurance policy usually should cover four types of coverage:


Coverage for the structure of your house

This covers the repair of your home in the occurrence of particular natural disasters. These disasters include but are not limited to hail, hurricane, fire, lightening and other disasters as listed in your specific policy. When purchasing this type of coverage, it is advised to purchase enough that would rebuild your home.

Coverage for your personal belongings

This covers the personal belongings inside of your home that can be destroyed by fire, hurricane and other disasters listed on your policy. These belongings include but are not limited to furniture, clothes, sports equipment and other personal things. Dollar limits are placed on expensive items such as jewelry, furs, collectibles and even trees and shrubbery.

Liability protection

This covers you against lawsuits for damage of property and bodily injury that you or members of your family may have caused. It also covers damage done by your pets. It also provides medical coverage in the event that a visitor is injured in your home. The medical expenses are paid without a lawsuit being filed against you.

Additional Living Expenses

This covers the expenses when you are living away from your home for a short period of time. These costs include but are not limited to hotel costs, meals at restaurants, and usual living expenses while your home is being rebuilt.

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