Individual Life Insurance

Secure the Ones You Love

As you grow older, purchasing life insurance is going to become more of necessity. It’s important that your loved ones and family are secured and taken care of after you’re gone. Without sounding too morbid, funeral costs can be very expensive, potentially causing your family financial hardship. If you’re looking for an affordable life insurance policy, then who better to help you find it than Sure Trust? Our brokers will walk you through all of the factors that can potentially determine the cost of your monthly payment. Provide your friends and family with the security they need after you’re gone with a cost-effective life insurance policy. Sure Trust has you covered.

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Types of life Insurance Include:

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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides coverage over a relatively short period of time for a fixed price. This type of policy typically last for approximately 10 to 30 years. The maximum amount of coverage you can receive with a term life insurance policy is $100,000. Rate are typically low, starting somewhere around $10 or $11 per month. This policy also provides a sense of stability as its rates never change during its duration.
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Whole Life Insurance

Unlike term life insurance, whole life insurance is permanent and provides coverage for life. With whole life insurance, the policyholder and their beneficiary are given guaranteed death benefits, level premiums, and cash value. In addition to this, your cash will grow untouched by taxes. There is no maximum amount of coverage available, meaning it can be as much as you want. Because of this, your monthly payments will typically be much higher; somewhere in the $100 range.
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Universal Life Insurance

The median policy of the three, universal life insurance provides coverage up until the age of 95. Similar to whole life insurance, universal life insurance provides cash value but only under certain circumstances. Coverage amounts begin at $50,000 and up. This offer you more flexibility than a term life policy but is less expensive than whole life coverage. Monthly payments are also somewhere in the middle, being placed in the $40 to $50 range.

Please note that all rates are subject to change based on the health and other factors of the policyholder.

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