Law Firm Insurance

Even Lawyers need a Backup Plan

Law firms are known to house extremely delicate pieces of personal information. As an attorney, your clients rely upon you to handle their information and advise them on various legal issues. Naturally, with handling important records and documents it is essential to know the risk factors that come with running a law firm.

Running a small legal practice comes with a great deal of responsibility. Preparation is highly important when it comes to protecting your clients, your employees and most importantly—yourself. Working in a law firm has an assortment of serious risks that employees shall be very mindful of. There are three types of coverages that are combined to ensure that your small legal practice is protected and will ultimately safeguard you in the distant future.
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Business Liability Insurance

This policy helps to protect your small legal business from specific lawsuits. It provides that your business is safeguarded from damage that can occur by an employee, product or a service provided by your office. For example, if your employee loses a client’s personal document or if your client endures harm while visiting your office. Liability insurance can protect your small legal business from libel and slander.
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Business Property

This policy provides protection for the physical property. It protects the material you use to manage your small legal business. These things include but are not limited to the contents of your law library and office furniture and equipment.
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Business Income Coverage

This policy covers the losses your small legal business may face when damage is occurred. This could result in your property being closed and work being obstructed.

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