Life Science Insurance

Securing the Sciences

Science-specific fields like medicine and, biologic research, and genetics require insurance coverage maybe more than other form of business. Laboratories contain a various valuable and sensitive equipment necessary for daily task an, if broken, can difficult to replace. In addition to its expensive inventory, working in the life science field can also potentially pose a hazard for your employees. That’s why it’s important ensure that your life science business is properly insured and covered. Working within the life sciences industry can be very rewarding but also very risky. Secure your business with the help of Sure Trust. Place your company in the right hands.

Life Science Insurance Includes:
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Business Owner’s Policy

If you own a life-science based business then chances are you’re going to want a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). A BOP provides you with a comprehensive package consisting of three insurance policies: Business liability, business property, and business income.
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Business Liability

Liability insurance is for coverage involving legal disputes and litigation (Lawsuits). This form of insurance will cover lawyer and settlement costs, as well, as additional legal fees. This prevent your business from losing income in the event that your business faced with negligence or a wrongdoing.
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Business Property

As previously stated, laboratories and other life science facilities contain expensive equipment that is not easily obtainable. In the event that your property or inventory is damaged or destroyed business property will cover the cost of replacing it. This avoids the issue of shutting down business because of damage.
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Business Income

In the event that you are unable to effectively manage your business because of covered property damage, this policy will reimburse you for income lost while repairs or replacements are being made.
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Worker’s Compensation

Working in the life science industry can be very dangerous. In the event that one of your employees are injured on the job, worker’s compensation insurance will provide them with income while they are out as well cover their medical expenses so you don’t have to.

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