Malpractice Insurance

Protecting Your Medical Professionals

The medical field involves a high level on both the part of doctors and nurses. Due to probability of mistakes and malpractice which can potentially lead further patient injury or death, it is important that individuals in a medical based profession are protected. Malpractice insurance is another name for medical professional liability, which protects doctors and nurses in incidents of medical malpractice where patients either sustain greater injury or were killed as the result of a mistake. As unfortunate as medical malpractice is, it is a reality that members of the medical community must be prepared to encounter. In addition medical and mental injuries, malpractice insurance also covers property damage and the cost associated with impending lawsuits. Learn everything there is to know about malpractice insurance from a Sure Trust broker today!


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Malpractice Insurance:

What exactly is covered under malpractice insurance?

Malpractice insurance covers property damage, physical or mental injury, and pain and suffering caused by wrongful actions or negligence performed by a medical professional. This includes doctors, dentists, and nurses. Malpractice insurance also covers any lawyer fees, settlement costs, and other legal expenses there were a result of a malpractice claim.

Why types of malpractice insurance policies are out there?

Malpractice insurance is broken into two forms: Claims-made and Occurrence. Claims-made refers to coverage during the time a claim was made and will continue to cover you after your policy has ended. Occurrence involves being covered as long as you are currently under policy and doesn’t not matter when the claim was made. Speak with Sure Trust to determine which form of coverage works best for you.

How much are malpractice insurance premiums?

Like most polices, the cost varies from company to company and depends on specific risk factors. At Sure Trust, our brokers will sit with and go through your unique situation to determine how much your monthly payments will, making it easier to find an affordable policy.

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