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The feeling of riding your motorcycle on the open road is one that can’t be matched. Unfortunately, along with that great feel comes a significant risks. Motorcycles are considered dangerous and you have to ensure that you are properly covered before you hit open road. With the probability of an accident relatively high, it’s important to that you have a safety net in case of an emergency. Motorcycle insurance covers both you and other individuals on the road in the event an accident were to take place. However, there are numerous policies and even more insurance providers, so how do you determine which one is right for you? The answer is Sure Trust. Our team of brokers will help you search for the right policies that will allow you ride your motorcycle or dirt bike on the open road worry-free. Ride in style but also protected with the help of Sure Trust.
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Motorcycle Insurance Policies Include:

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Bodily Harm Insurance

This policy covers the medical cost of anyone harmed or mortally wounded as a result of an accident involving your motorcycle. It can also help cover the legal cost and fees in the event of a lawsuit.
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Motorcycle Property Coverage

Were any of your motorcycle accessories lost, stolen, or broken? Motorcycle property coverage covers the cost of replacing lost or stolen motorcycle accessories including seats, radios, and backrests.
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Collision Insurance

This policy covers the cost of damages in the event that your motorcycle is hit by or hits another object on the road.
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Physical Damage Insurance

Covers events that result in the lost or destruction of your motorcycle that do not involve collision. This can include fire, vandalism, or theft.
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Property Damage Liability Coverage

In the event that your motorcycle causes damage to someone else’s property, this policy will cover the cost of damages including impending litigation fees.
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Medical Coverage

This policy medically insures you and any frequent passenger of your motorcycle in case of an accident.
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Uninsured Coverage

In the event that you are in a non- fault accident with another individual and they do not have coverage, this policy will cover the impending cost.

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