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Making a Move in the Right Direction

The only is real way to get where you’re going is to move forward. Moving can be beautiful thing, symbolizing a drastic change in one’s life. Fortunately, none of that is made possible without moving and storage companies like yours. The moving and storage industry continues to grow as people and fellow business owners make changes to their daily lives. What you do is extremely significant and it’s important that your business is insured to prevent financial hardship after an unfortunate situation. When it comes to covering your Moving and Storage Company financially, turn to Sure Trust. Our team of brokers will assist you in finding an insurance policy that benefits your company financially and structurally.


Moving & Storage Insurance Policies Include:

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Business Owner’s Policy

If you own a moving and storage company that qualifies as small to medium sized business, it’s advised to invest in a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). A business owner’s policy provides you with a complete insurance package consisting of the primary three policies: Business liability, business property, and business income.
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Worker’s Compensation

If an employee is injured on the job, worker’s compensation will compensate them continuously until they are able to return. Worker’s comp also cover medical, surgical, and hospital costs incurred as a result of a work-based injury, preventing lawsuits and other legal disputes.
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Business Liability

Liability insurance is for coverage involving legal disputes and litigation (Lawsuits). This form of coverage will cover lawyer and settlement expenses, as well as additional legal fees. This prevents your business from losing income in the event that your business faced with claims of negligence.
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Property Damage

In the event that your property or equipment, property damage coverage will provide the money necessary for repairs.

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