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The History

Sure Trust Agency Inc. was founded in 1997 by J Ronald Nazaire. Working as an accountant, Ronald Nazaire recognized the need for insurance policies across various industries. As long as unexpected situations would arise, consumers would need insurance to help combat them and protect themselves financially. It was with this realization, that he established Sure Trust Agency Inc. with the goal of keeping his clients secure. Located in Garden City, New York, Sure Trust specializes in providing a variety of insurance policies and products to individuals and business in the New York State area. Sure Trust Agency Inc. provides both commercial and personal lines to anyone looking for affordable insurance policies. Since its founding, Sure Trust has garnered the knowledge and experience to assist any type of client in finding the policy for them.

The Values

Purchasing Insurance is not just about keeping yourself protected from the unexpected. It’s also about keeping a sound peace of mind. At Sure Trust, we believe that you cannot put a price on knowing that you are insured in case of an emergency. There are many outside factors that can potentially alter your financial future. From lawsuits to accidents to illness, it’s important that you’re properly prepared for anything that comes your way. We strongly value the idea of financial security and protecting yourself as well as the ones around you. Don’t allow the unexpected to drain you financially.

The Mission

At Sure Trust Agency Inc. we make it our mission to secure the financial futures of our clients. That includes assisting them in finding insurance policies that are affordable and created with their interest in mind. That being said, everyone deserves to be protected from the unknown. With the help of our highly trained brokers, we strive to instill a sound peace of mind in our clients as they continue along their road to success and financial prosperity.

A Word from the President – J Ronald Nazaire

j-ronald-nazaireAs an accountant, it is my responsibility to recognize the needs of my clients. Throughout the years, one thing that my clients have needed time and time again is financial reassurance. The unexpected can happen at any time and without the necessary protection, your financial planning can be put in jeopardy. With Sure Trust Agency Inc. I wanted my clients to know that I was always thinking about their best interest. The insurance industry is a successful one because displays the need for having a backup plan. There’s nothing worse than having your future thought out, just to have it derailed by something like an accident, lawsuit, or injury.

Insurance isn’t about living about in fear of the unexpected but instead being free from worrying about the things that are out of your control. I established Sure Trust because I wanted to instill my clients with a sound peace of mind. That way, they can continue to strive to great heights and accomplish the goals they desire. I believe that too much caution can be have a negative effect on one’s determination. It makes them hesitant to achieve their dreams and seek out new challenges. Even outside of business, individuals should not be afraid of doing what makes them happy or feel insecure because of what may happen if things go wrong.

One of the main values that I have always wanted to drive home is the importance of financial stability. Whether you’re running a business or managing a household, financial stability is significant for ensuring that what matters most to you is around for a long time. Success cannot be achieved without proper planning and insurance plays into that ideology. Financial prosperity is a spectrum, and with that comes exterior factors that can swing you in either direction. An injury, extended leave from work, or severe illness can drastically affect your short or long-term financial planning. However, with the right insurance policy, you can make the proper adjustments without being damaged financially.

That was my primary reason for putting together Sure Trust Agency Inc. I decided that me, along with my team of highly trusted and trained professionals were going to work to find business owners, employees, and individuals insurance policies that were affordable and fit their personalized needs. When putting together my team of specialists, I searched for individuals that shared the same ideals and desire to assist clients as me. Every Sure Trust broker comes with of specialized expertise in the insurance industry. They understand the needs of the consumer as well as how to facilitate their financial necessities.

No matter what you do in life, success is dependent on how well you manage risk. One of the ways you manage risk effectively is by always having a contingency. An insurance policy acts as plan B of sorts; allowing to save or be reimbursed on any money loss due to an unfortunate circumstance. Another great thing about Insurance is that there is policy for anything you can think of. From home, auto, and medical insurance, to business related coverage like liability, property damage, and worker’s compensation, I wanted to ensure that Sure Trust provided any policy a client could ever need.

Sure Trust is an agency with a vision; one that sees a reality where its clients are free from worrying about what comes next and provided with a sound peace of mind. That way that can continue to work toward their goals without having to stress about their financial future. At Sure Trust, we take great pride in providing our clients with a personalized sense of service that makes them feel unique and special. With that feeling, comes the loyalty that will eventually blossom into the prosperous relationship I envisioned when I first established the company so many years ago.

Moving forward, I am only looking to expand Sure Trust as both an insurance agency and a brand. While our primary market is based in New York State, Sure Trust provides insurance to clients throughout the United States. Hopefully you will join me on this road to success as the Sure Trust continues to deliver quality and affordable insurance policies to those that need it most. The only thing that is guaranteed is the unexpected. Because of this, it is important that you are provided with the necessary tools to protect you and those closest to you. At Sure Trust, this is what we set out to accomplish. Best of luck to all in your future endeavors and don’t forget to check out everything we have to offer.

Sincerely, J. Ronald Nazaire, Founder & CEO of Sure Trust Agency Inc.

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