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Working in the real estate industry involves dealing a lot of sensitive information that can the financial health of you, clients, or your brokerage. With the real estate market in a constant state of flux, it’s important that your brokerage remain financially secure from unfortunate circumstance. There’s no nothing worse than having to come out of pocket for legal expenses, medical costs, and property damage. If you’re a real estate broker interested in protecting your finances, then it’s time you called Sure Trust. Our highly trained team of brokers can assist you in finding an insurance policy well-suited to your brokerage’s needs as well as the real estate market.


Real Estate Business & Brokers Insurance Policies Include:

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Professional Liability Insurance

Like previously stated, working in the real estate requires sifting through a lot of sensitive data in addition to filling out documents. Making a mistake on a document or losing track of someone’s data can result in a botched deal or loss of money, which often leads to litigation and other legal disputes. Professional liability insurance covers you financially in the event of litigation by handling the costs of lawyers, settlement fees, and other legal expenses.

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Worker’s Compensation

While real estate might be perceived as the most dangerous of professions, your brokers should always remain protected from unfortunate circumstances. In the event that someone is harmed on the job, worker’s compensation will provide them with pay for the duration that they unable to work. In addition to this, they will also cover medical expenses. This prevents legal disputes and financial hardship between your brokerage and its employees.

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Business Owners Policy

Looking for an insurance policies that covers three in one? Well, even if you weren’t, a Business Owners Policy (or BOP) does just that. Created specifically for small to medium sized businesses, a BOP combines professional liability, property damage, business income into one policy. The cost of a BOP is relatively cheaper than purchasing each policy separately.

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