Retail Insurance

Preserving Your Financial Integrity

Most small business owners find themselves in the retail industry. With that, there are so many factors that go into running a storefront including managing inventory, employees, an influx of customers, as well as handling marketing and promotion, all while maintaining excellent customer service. Balancing all of these aspects are difficult enough without the threat of an accident or mishap destabilizing your business. It’s important that you are prepared for anything and everything. That’s what retail insurance is for. Provide your business with a financial assistance in case of emergency, whether it’s a property damage or an impending lawsuit. At Sure Trust, our brokers can assist you with finding policies that works within your budget while keeping your best interest in mind. Focus more on running your business and less on what could happen. Contact Sure Trust today!

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Business Owner’s Policy

A Business Owner’s Policy or simply BOP is a comprehensive insurance package that covers you for liability, property damage, and business income lost as a result of property damage. BOP’s are typically charged at a lower price than purchasing these policies separately, which makes it the ideal choice for small businesses.

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Employee Dishonesty

Working in the retail industry typically involves managing both employees and large sums of money and inventory. In the event that there is a loss of income or inventory due to an employee(s) dishonesty, this policy will reimburse you. That includes the theft of inventory, cash, or company property.

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Worker’s Compensation

Accidents can occur from time to time, resulting in then injury of your or an employee. When this happens it is important that you are protected by worker’s compensation. This insurance policy will provide the injured with a steady income while they are out on medical leave. This allows them to continue to make money while they recover. Worker’s compensation also cover medical expenses as well.

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