Retiree Health Coverage

Retire Without a Worry in the World

Retirement is supposed to be a time of relaxation and healthy living. However, many retirees worry about they are going to cover their medical expenses now that they are no longer working. While many individuals remain covered by their previous employer, some must search for other means of insurance. Finding retiree insurance can be difficult work, especially if you’re not asking yourself the right questions. There are a few things everyone should know they retire in regards to obtaining health insurance. Fortunately, Sure Trust provides you with a team of brokers that can answer any question you may have when it comes to retiree health insurance.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I have medicare?

If you are currently under the Medicare policy then they will handle your healthcare costs. However, be advised that Medicare does not cover all medical expenses which can include extended hospitals stays, surgeries and operations, certain medications, dental, etc.

What if I am currently under a group insurance plan and working?

If you’re working and under a group health insurance plan then chances are you can remain under that policy when you retire. On the other hand, there is a chance that your place of employee does not allow you to stay under policy after you’ve. Check with your employer to see if you will remain covered after retirement or if you should start looking.

What if I’m eligible for medicare?

In the event that you are eligible for Medicare then an outside health insurance provider may cover your medical expenses. Retiree insurance is only for those that are not eligible for Medicare. Be sure to check your eligibility before seeking out insurance policies. Another thing to do when applying for Medicare is to file for both part A and B to ensure full coverage.

What kind of questions should I ask myself before seeking coverage?

Questions to ask yourself include: Will my spouse be covered as well? How much will I have to pay out-of-pocket? Is there a co-pay? What types of benefits are included? How much can I afford? Questions like these will help the insurance search go by much easier and assist you in finding a policy that suits you.

For additional questions don’t hesitate to speak with a Sure Trust Insurance Professional today!