Specialty Trade Contractors Insurance

A Special Type of Policy for a Special Type of Contractor

Specialty trade contracting is similar to general contracting for the exception that it is a more focused area of expertise. As such, similar risks are also associated including personal injury, property damage, and general liability. When it comes to specialty contracting, the risk may be even greater. That’s why it’s important to invest in specialty trade contractors insurance. Unlike maintenance contracting, specialty trade insurance focuses on covering contractors that work within a specific industry. Despite their differences, specialty trade contractors deserve the same level of coverage as maintenance. Fortunately, our brokers can help you settle on an insurance policy that fits within your budget.

Specialty Trade Contractors Insurance

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What is a BOP?

Even a specialty trade contracting business can benefit from a Business Owner’s Policy. This complete insurance package provides you with liability, property damage, and business income insurance for one low price, instead of having to purchase them separately.
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Property Damage

When it comes to contracting, damage to either yours or a client’s property is a reality that you must be prepared to face. Property damage insurance covers the replacement or repair of equipment, inventory, or facilities necessary for running your business. This policy also covers your client’s property as well.
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Worker’s Compensation

Contracting is dangerous business. If one of your employees is injured on the job, worker’s compensation will provide them with a steady flow of income until they are able to return. In addition to this, worker’s compensation also covers medical costs incurred as a result of a work-based injury.
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Theft Coverage

In the event that supplies, income, inventory, or equipment is stolen from your contracting business by an employee or member of your organization, theft coverage will reimburse you for the lost amount.
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Liability Coverage

If the day ever comes when you are faced with litigation, general liability insurance will cover the cost of lawyer fees, settlement costs, and other legal fees.

Other Insurance Policies We Can Look Into Include:

  • Retirement Plans
  • Group Benefits
  • Coverage for Special Equipment and Tools

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