Sure Trust Presents: The Auto Insurance Checklist

Purchasing a vehicle is an exciting step in one’s life. However, along with buying a car comes the search for reasonable auto insurance. If you thought that finding the car of your dreams was a daunting task, wait until it’s time to find an insurance policy that suits your needs. Insurance companies are a dime a dozen and it’s important to keep a few things in the back of your mind when you’re shopping around. Allow the professionals at Sure Trust to present you with our Auto Insurance Checklist.

I Did My Research

If you think you can hop online and find an insurance policy that facilitates all your needs and fits within your budget on the first try then you’re sadly mistaken. In order to discover the perfect policy, you’re going to have to do some research. That includes evaluating the factors that will affect your premium as well requesting a whole lot of quotes.

I Narrowed Down My Search

Once you’ve found a couple of insurance providers, now it’s time to narrow down the competition. Carefully determine which policies benefit you the most, both from a quality and financial standpoint. This makes eliminating the stragglers much easier and prevents you from accidently choosing a bad policy disguised as a good deal.

I’ve Thought About What I Need vs What I Want

This is very important. This where those risk factors come in handy. While you may be inclined to go with the cheapest option that doesn’t always mean it’s the best for you. Full coverage is pricey but it protects you in any scenario – perfect for a brand new car. On the hand, if you’re dealing with a vehicle with some age and mileage on it, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to just go with collision insurance.

My Budget Has Been Set and Ready to Go

Without the proper budget, one minor accident could leave you penniless. Be sure to budget your money effectively in order to ensure your premium is covered on a monthly basis as well as your deductible in case of an emergency. If what you have in the bank isn’t enough to afford your deductible then it’s either time to negotiate or move on.

I Looked Up All the Possible Ways to Decrease My Premium

Did you know that you can receive discounts on your monthly rates by taking a defensive driving course or by just having good grades? These are just two examples of ways to drop your premium. Don’t be afraid to ask what can be done in order to receive discounts on your monthly payments.

I Inquired About Group Insurance

Depending on where you work or what organizations you’re a part of, you may be eligible for group insurance. This means that you sharing a policy with an organization for a much lower monthly rate. Rather than the insurance company, this is something you should inquire about with your job or professional organization.

I Have More Questions

Visit our Auto Insurance page to learn more about the various auto insurance policies out there or speak with a Sure Trust broker today!

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