Tow Truck Insurance

A Safe Policy for a Risky Business

The towing business can be a lucrative one but it stills comes with its risks. From the maintenance of your tow trucks to the garage where vehicles are stored, there are many factors to manage to ensure that your business goes off without a hitch. However, in the event that there is glitch in your day to day operations, you still need to be prepared in order to prevent damaging long-term effects. Like with any other business, you need insurance to prevent you from paying out of pocket every time something goes wrong. Tow Truck Insurance includes a multitude of policies that cover your vehicles, garage and storage units, equipment, and cargo. All it takes is one accident or mishaps and could yourself shelling some serious cash, disrupting your business in the process. Take it from our brokers at Sure Trust, you’re going to want to invest in Tow Truck Insurance. With hundreds of options out there, allow us to help you find the perfect match for you.

Tow Truck Insurance Policies Include:

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Business Auto Insurance

It’s safe to say that your tow trucking company’s success depends on your efficiency of your vehicles. Business auto insurance protects you in the event that one or more of your tow trucks breaks and is in need of repairs or a replacement.
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General Liability

Negligence or mishaps in the tow truck industry usually end in litigation. When that occurs, it’s important that you are protected by liability insurance, which covers settlement costs, lawyer fees, and other legal expenses.
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Garage Liability

When other people’s vehicles are in your garage, they are officially in your care and under your responsibility. Garage liability cover the repairs of any vehicles that are damaged while stored in your garage or storage area.
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Business Owner’s Policy

Tow Truck Owners can also invest in a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP for short). This is a comprehensive insurance package for small business that includes liability, property damage, and business income insurance.

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