Voluntary Benefits

What are Voluntary Benefits?

Voluntary benefits are a variety of insurance policies including life insurance, disability, theft protection, financial consulting, and even legal services provided to you by your employer. However, a certain amount of money is deducted from your paycheck in order to cover these policies. Voluntary benefits are provided to most employees as a form of incentive or as a job perk depending on their industry.

Unlike health insurance, employers are mandated to provide these types of benefits. When choosing which type of voluntary benefits are for you, it’s important to consider which factors matter most. At Sure Trust, our team of brokers and insurance advisors will sit with you in order to help you make an informed decision.

Some Types of Voluntary Benefits Include:

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Dental Insurance

Dental coverage involves helping you pay for anything concerning dental hygiene including surgeries, braces, tooth removals, regular visits, etc.
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Accident Insurance

Accident insurance covers any injuries sustained during an accident like slip and falls.
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Disability Insurance

This policy insures compensates you for any time missed on the job due to a disability. Most employees will receive a check on a regular basis.
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Pet Coverage

In the event that your pet falls ill or requires treatment, pet coverage will cover the cost of veterinarian bills and expenses.
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Life Insurance

Life insurance can cover funeral expenses and provide a financial safety net for your family after you’re deceased.
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Vision Coverage

Vision insurance covers the cost of corrective eyewear, contacts, and in some cases surgery.
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Theft Protection

In the event that someone steals your identity, theft protection will reimburse you for the cost of restoring of credit and reputation.
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Legal Counseling

Some legal insurance policies will cover the cost of legal representation in disputes including litigation, divorce, and child support.
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Financial Consulting

If you need assistance with managing your finances, financial counseling coverage will help cover the cost of hiring a financial consultant.

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