What to Look For When Choosing a Healthcare Plan in NYC


If there’s one thing you can’t live without in the United States, it is healthcare insurance. Seriously, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, no American citizen can be without medical insurance. That means if you don’t have coverage, now’s the time to start looking.

That being said, how do you know which insurance policy is right for you? Health Insurance providers can carry numerous policies that each come with their own set of benefits. Allow the experts at Sure Trust to guide you through what to look for when choosing a healthcare plan.

Ensure That Your Plan Covers Your Medical Preferences

Depending on who you are as an individual, you may already have certain medical preferences in mind. Whether you it’s your doctor or type of medication, it’s important that whatever healthcare policy you decide actually covers it.

The point of medical insurance is to prevent ridiculous out-of-pocket expenses. Spending additional money just to be observed by the doctor of your choosing defeats the purpose of having coverage. Do yourself a favor: do the research and find a policy that suits your particular needs. Your wallet will thank you later.

Premiums vs. Deductibles

One big mistake individuals make is not knowing the difference between a premium and a deductible during their healthcare search. Your premium is the cost of your insurance per month, whether or not you use it. On the other hand, your deductible refers to the money you pay when it’s time to use your coverage (doctor’s visit, surgeries, etc.).
It’s important that you compare and contrast these factors when searching for a suitable policy. This allows you to construct a budget that ensures you’re not overspending or placed in debt in the event of a medical emergency. It’s all about knowing it how much it cost vs. how much you can afford.

Employment-Based Healthcare

The beautiful thing about most jobs in America is that they provide healthcare benefits to their employees. This eliminates the hassle of having to go out there and find it for yourself. However, sometimes employers don’t provide the full package, meaning it’s time decide what you’d like to purchase.

Most basic-level healthcare packages provide standard medical care. Ones that are really generous include vision and dental. If you’re signing up with a new company, don’t hesitate to ask what’s being offered. Companies generally deduct your health care cost from your paycheck, which means you don’t have to worry about missing a payment. If what they’re offering doesn’t satisfy your needs then there’s nothing wrong with declining and finding a policy that does.

Anything Else?

Finding healthcare can be a slippery slope to traverse but it’s all about doing your homework. No one said finding the perfect policy happens overnight but with the right amount of` diligence, a great deal will come along any day.

Visit our Health Insurance page to learn more about the various health insurance policies out there or speak with a Sure Trust broker today!

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