Worker’s Compensation

What is Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation is a form of insurance that protects employees from a job-related injury. This policy involves providing wage replacement and covering medical expenses to an employee that was injured in the line of duty. Worker’s compensation also profits employees from filing for litigation as a result of their employer’s negligence that led to their injury.

Even though worker’s compensation is mandated by the state of New York, there are various types of policies to choose from. With the help of our insurance brokers, we can assist you in discovering which policy will suit your business and effectively protect your employees in case of an incident. In addition to covering medical cost from injuries sustained on the job, worker’s compensation also insures illness as well. Depending on your industry, there may factors within your environment that cause your employees to become sick. In the event that you or one of your employees fall ill due to job related reasons, worker’s compensation will cover your hospital stay, as well as any medication required for recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Worker’s Compensation

Do worker’s compensation laws apply in every state?

Yes, however every state is different. Each state comes with own their own worker’s compensation laws and regulations. Even though we are based in in New York, we can assist you in finding out what regulations and policies apply to your state.

What type of injuries are covered?

Worker’s compensation covers any injury, sickness, or bodily harm sustained while on the job. This includes on company property, as well as working off-site. However, accident occurring on your way to and from work are not commonly covered.

To What extent does worker’s compensation cover injuries/illness treatment?

Worker’s compensation benefits provide you and your employees with any treatment necessary to ensure a complete recovery.

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